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Adjustable Bases

Adjustable Bases by Beautyrest, Serta, and Malouf are ideal for sleeping, working and relaxing and will help you wake at the optimal time to feel refreshed.  Turn your bed into more than just a bed with an Adjustable Base.

Sleep Soundly
Elevation settings let you adjust the bed so you are in your optimal sleeping position for pressure relief and better breathing. There are side sleepers and back sleepers. You get to decide what feels most comfortable and therapeutic.

Work Easily
You can quickly and quietly elevate the head of your bed into the ideal position for a little evening work on your laptop. Your back will appreciate all the different angles too.

Relax Comfortably
What used to be unthinkable is the norm now – a TV in your bedroom. It is time to raise your bed to the proper viewing level. The SmartMotion Base is ideal for reading, gaming and practically anything you find relaxing.

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