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Royal Sleep by Mattress King

Our Mattress King Royal Sleep Collection is unique because we were able to hand pick every aspect of each mattress!  From the gage of the coils, to the layers of foam, stitching, as well as the colors to bring our guests the best quality at an affordable price.  These beds are proudly made in the USA, in Indiana.  And in keeping with our Family Owned tradition, each mattress in our line was named after the "Kings" children, adding a special touch to the Royal Sleep line!

Mattress King brings you the science of a sound sleep, offering exclusive cutting-edge technology in superior bedding + accessories.  Sleeping should be restful & hassle-free; let us handle the rest, while you rest!  Our intuitive line of mattress encasements, protectors, sheets & pillows are designed with a vast array of exclusive technologies that you wont find anywhere else.  With unique features never before seen in the bedding industry, and a wide variety of personalized options to choose from, we are your final destination for a perfectly Royal "sound" Sleep.

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